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Do you avoid the topic of investment because you are taken in by its seemingly complicated terminology and techniques? Are you having the mentality that all investments are risky and therefore lose the opportunity of accumulating more wealth? Are you very far away from your goals because of employing the wrong investment strategies? Is your investment program making money for you or costing you a fortune?

We live in an era where information flows freely. Information from the stock market, the many investment rules, a wide variety of investment vehicles, the many investment strategies, all these are available on the market. It is no wonder that many people have plunged into the world in investment, especially in the stocks and shares market.

However, we also live in an era where there is too much information for the common person to take in. Most people jump into the world investment without professional help. As a result, most people lose money, while a small minority makes money.

On the other hand, there are also many people who perceive investment as a totally incomprehensible and mysterious game, thus choosing not to invest at all and subject themselves to inflation that retards the growth of their monetary assets' value.

In situations such as these, we can offer our professional services, assisting you in your decisions.

Our consultants are well trained in investment planning. Besides educating our clients on the importance of investment, we conduct a thorough fact-finding analysis with them and assist them in arriving at a suitable asset allocation program. The following are 5 basic steps:

1. We help our client to identify his/her goals and prioritise them. Examples: marriage, child education, property purchase or retirement.
2. We analyse their financial position, taking into consideration many factors, such as their net worth, budget, existing portfolio, and risk profile.
3. We help allocate their assets by recommending suitable investment portfolio that has the right mix of equities,
bonds and cash to ensure optimum returns after considering their risk profile.
4. We assist them in taking the appropriate actions.
5. Lastly, we meet up with them regularly to ensure the investment plans constructed are followed closely and make changes when necessary after considering the economic conditions and the changes in their risk appetite.

Stretch your imagination to see what is important in your life and how you want to be living your life in the future. Our professionals are here to help you.

  Are you living within your means or do you have to borrow money each month? Is your take home income less than your monthly payments? Are you feeling anxious because of your debt? Do you want to get out of debt but don't know how? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you may be experiencing some financial difficulties.

A cash flow analysis will show your income against your expenses, and it will determine whether or not you are spending more than what you earn. This is a very important procedure as it determines if you are wasting money on unnecessary finance charges and falling into debt. Should you already incurred debts, our consultants can help you to clear them with a more effective way and in a shorter time by recommending an appropriate debt management program.

  Risk is the possibility of danger, injury or loss. Risk management is taking appropriate actions or making provisions to minimize the possibility of a negative event ever happening or to minimize the effects if it does happen.
There are two ways to classify risks: pure risks and speculative risks.

Pure risks have a chance of loss or of no loss:
people may become ill, disabled, or die; our property may be damaged or destroyed;
we may accidentally cause damage to the property of another person, or cause injury or death of another person.

Speculative risk refers to investment risks with a chance of earning a profit or suffering an investment loss.

In order to minimize or eliminate such risks, we need to manage or control them. Unfortunately, most people do not bother enough or are too busy to think much about these risks. In many cases, they do not have an effective way of managing them. This is when Ascendur, equipped with the relevant expertise, can come in to help you to go through step-by-step analysis.

Some methods of controlling / treating / managing the risks:

Risk avoidance
Risk reduction
Risk retention
Risk transfer

Insurance planning is the best method of risk management.
At Ascendur, our consultants are well trained and are able to provide personalized Financial Needs Analysis to help identify the need for coverage and recommend appropriate solutions according to each individual situation.


Losing an owner or key employee due to death, disability or retirement is always a risk for all closely held businesses. Think carefully: When a critical figure is being taken away, what would happen to the business? Who would succeed the management of the enterprise? Who would end up owning what? Would creditors be pressing for payment out of fear for the company's future? To answer these questions confidently, you will need a good and well-tailored business continuation plan that provides the mechanisms in keeping these transitions in place, thus giving you a peace of mind. In addition, proper Business Continuation Planning may enhance the credit standing of the business in the eyes of financial institutions.
There are basically two processes to a business continuation program:

1. To establish a "business will" or buy-sell agreement for a closely held business in the event of your death,
disability or retirement; and
2. To initiate the proper funding for the agreement, usually through a life or disability insurance program.

By having an effective business continuation plan, you benefit in several ways, such as:

it determines the fate of your business: will it continue to prosper or is it doomed to fail?
It offers significant tax advantages: this would mean more savings-turn-capital could be reinvested back
to your business to generate more profits.
It discourages family conflicts, thus maintaining harmony.

Business continuation planning is often a complicated process. There are a number of legal and tax issues to take into consideration, in addition to matters relating to family relationships. To help you create a strong business continuation program, you need to consult a professional. We at Ascendur can help you evaluate your best options according to your situation, ensuring prosperity and guaranteeing your future.


A lot of people have a lot of questions about retirement. Will my 'Golden Years' be really golden? Who will sponsor my retirement years? How much will be enough?
If you desire to sit back, relax and enjoy the luxuries of your golden years, then you need to engage in careful planning, ensuring that plenty of funds are set aside. How can you ensure that you have a substantial retirement fund? Start saving today no matter what your age is! As a matter of fact, it is never too young to start planning for your retirement by setting aside a regular amount of savings in a systematic manner. By starting earlier, it only means exploiting fully the effects of compounding returns on these savings over time. As the saying goes, "It is the young person you are today who determines the living standard of the older person you one day shall be.

Ask yourself this question, "Would what I am doing today for retirement do justice to the old man I one day shall be?"

Being professionally trained, Ascendur consultants are equipped with the expert knowledge, skills and technology know-how to assist clients in their retirement planning by projecting the amount needed to fund a blissful retirement; and implementing unique, comprehensive plans to accumulate such funds. Take tomorrow into your own hands and start saving for the lifestyle you want.


If you think estate planning is only for the wealthy, then you would be doing injustice to your loved ones. As a matter of fact, you already own an estate plan, even if you have done nothing. The truth is that much of what you think will be passed on to your family may not actually reach them.
With effective estate planning, these problems can be avoided to ensure more preservation of your assets for your survivors. However, not many people understand the importance of estate planning. They rather put it off or assume that they don't own enough assets for planning, or simply because they don't like to think about death. There is no doubt that estate planning can raise some difficult emotional issues. Unfortunately, if you choose to ignore those issues now, you may cost your family thousands or even millions of dollars later, as well as cause considerable anguish. Proper estate planning takes far less time and effort than most people imagine, and it can give you and your family tremendous peace of mind.

Our consultants are equipped with the expertise in helping clients think through their estate planning and help them put matters right to address every complicated issue there may be when one passes on.


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