Heralding the new age and embracing the changes that come forth in the new millennium, we have virtually established ourselves as the pacesetters in terms of vision and insight. Collectively, we strive to be at the forefront. A position with Ascendur provides you with a winning edge and a solid foundation for your long-term career.

We focus on your individual needs and provide outstanding opportunities for your personal and professional development. We believe in broadening your perspective and accelerating your personal growth. We are committed to our people and we believe in a lifetime association. Our typical Ascendur planner is motivated, dedicated, passionate, and very creative.


We invite individuals who are motivated, resourceful, and enthusiastic who also possess an entrepreneurial drive to pursue a long-term career in the financial industry to join our dynamic team.

Selected candidates will undergo an intense training program that will equip them with in-depth information on all the financial services that we provide. Our experienced consultants will also be at hand to share their experiences and success.

As a financial planner, you are expected to develop, implement and maintain a financial strategy for the client, using all resources available to serve clients professionally. Training and empowerment will be provided, and you will also be given the opportunity to take up professional upgrading courses in order to increase your competence, allowing you to stand firm even in the midst of competition.
As a specialist, you would be trained to lead a team of planners after building your skills and given a practical and conceptual overview of our business. We are committed to give responsibility and delegate authority to our people, thus enhancing your leadership and management skills.

  Ascendur does not only look at your academic results but at your potential growth as well.
We aim to develop lasting and successful working relationships with our new consultants. That is why we spend an extensive amount of time with prospective candidates, giving them an honest view of a career opportunity in financial services. Although we have high expectations, we are committed to assist your development and celebrate your achievements along the way.
Our selection process consists of 5 main elements:

1. Career discovery interviews
2. Personality test
3. Aptitude tests
4. Selection interviews
5. A Full day career visit to see our planners at work

Our ideal candidate is a committed individual seeking a long-term career in the financial planning industry. The candidate must have a strong desire to impact the lives of others positively and enjoy interacting with a wide range of people. The candidate must also have strong leadership qualities, be a team player and be passionate about their career.

We are looking for individuals whose personal values match our organization values. This will enable us to work in partnership while conducting daily business activities. Our candidates are selected to their new positions with their eyes fully open to the advantages and disadvantages of the career. Through an extensive interview process, we would like to see if your abilities and talents match the demands of the job. will also arrange tea sessions with our top performing consultants, to further brief the candidate on the career and to discuss if the career is right for you. All these are done with the sole intention of ensuring a correct fit between you and our company.


We also run internship program for undergraduates. This program is opened to the undergraduates of Malaysian Universities. However foreign undergraduates, if interested, can request permission for internship opportunity by writing to our HR department.

The program runs from 2 to a max of 6 months. As an Ascendur intern, you will be provided with adequate trainings and opportunities to work side by side with our experienced consultants as well as getting a taste of how a financial consultancy business operates. On top of these, remuneration will also be provided. A successful internship can help pave the way towards possible full-time employment opportunities with Ascendur after graduation.

For internship program, please write in or e-mail to us in our Contact Page:

HR Director
Ascendur Bistari Sdn. Bhd. (547094-X)
Suite C-06-07, Plaza Mont' Kiara,
2, Jalan Kiara, Mont' Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.


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